Trend Focus


2018.07.02 | Trend Focus


Whimsical is a story of romance, fables and dreams. Earthy tones embrace soft pastels to create a colour palette that whispers soft femininity. Nature blushes from the winter chill to create soft glaze finishes on ceramics and textures that mimic winter blooms and foliage. Rich earthy tones are layered to create warmth and help ground the whimsical mind.

2018.07.02 | Trend Focus

Urban Africa

Urban Africa is the rhythm of the present, the buzz of the new. It’s the joyful clash of bright colour, the boldness of pattern and the complex integration of cultures. It’s a bold statement, one that stands strong and proud. Primary colours bounce off crisp whites, naturals are popped by neons and pattern is naive and playful. Urban Africa is unafraid of the future, marching forward to the beat of its own drum.



2018.07.02 | Trend Focus

Mystic River

Join us on a journey down the Mystic River where magic and mystery blend to create a story of contrast, light and reflection. Ice-cap whites are accentuated by crisp glacier blues and green algaes. Smooth textures contrast against rigid forms. Fresh colours are balanced in harmony with natural forms and fibres. Crystal-clear glass is juxtaposed against textured beadwork and soft felt shapes. Mystic River is a true alchemy of nature.

2018.07.02 | Trend Focus

Nomadic Africa

Nomadic Africa is our heritage, core, and anchor. A story where the past meets the present. The echoes of our forefathers are never forgotten but re-told to reflect the contemporary. Craft is re-interpreted, African print is redefined and texture is elevated to create a story of symbiosis and harmony between old and new.



2017.11.29 | Trend Focus

Connected Senses

Think of a shimmering ocean, the dazzling water, reflections of metallics and indigo blues. Crisp while still soft with baby pastels. Fresh azure blues are featured with soft fabrics, sheer and see-through details. Sandy textures and organic touches. This is the light and cool break. The softer inclination still compliments the previous burnt and green palates. Silver metallics emerge to partner with rust and emerald shades seep through deep blue ocean tones.

2017.11.28 | Trend Focus

Shades of Grey

Dark meets light to create stark contrast and harmony. Simplicity is accented with metal- lics to add a little sophistication and glam- our. Colour blocking and pattern merge to create a modern tribal design sentiment. Natural hues and textures are key as they help bring balance and help ground the obvious contrasts.



2017.11.28 | Trend Focus

Natural Light

A sense of ethereal spirits through the flow of fabrics, leak of light and combination of colours. Hues and textures return to a bare base of creams and neutrals. Solid bases still emerge through outlines and in shades of pine green. A return to natural hues and warm tones. A soft reminder of dusk and dawn.

2017.11.22 | Trend Focus

Forces of Nature

This trend goes back to basics with tones of rust and primal earth hues. Creative combinations emerge, praising the vibrancy of yellow, blazing oranges and warm apricots. Following an organic direction, nature is featured by way of camouflage, tones of moss and Sulphur greens. All shades blend and merge through pastel hue connections resulting in a colour palette akin to our African sunset.



2017.11.22 | Trend Focus

Urban Tribe

A juxtaposition of textural ethnicity and cultural pop. Cut-outs, print clashes and amoeba-like shapes dominate the scene in every form. Poppy red and turtle greens pop into existence com- plimenting the enriching blue and tealshades. Brave and bold describes this aesthetic collage of materials and solid base colours.