Shipping Information


At Source, we ship regularly to many countries around the world, have negotiated preferential rates with partner freight forwarders, and consolidated shipments for different clients to ensure the most cost effective shipping possible. Source is also a registered importer of record into the USA, which has attracted lower rates.

Shipping Costs

Delivery charges are calculated by the value, size and weight of your shipment.

Source offers FOB or Landed pricing. These terms include the following:

FOB: Goods are delivered to a nominated port (e.g. Cape Town), customs clear it for export, then its loaded by the carrier. Please note that FOB does NOT include freight costs to the client’s final destination.

Landed (DAP): Goods are delivered, and are ready for unloading at the client’s nominated destination. The client is responsible for any applicable local taxes or import duties should the product category be taxable.

Customs Duties and VAT

Source will endeavour to obtain any certificates to minimise duties payable – i.e. the Euro1 certificate for countries in Europe.

When the order arrives in the country and is being cleared, a local agent will be in touch to finalise any customs and VAT payments that may be applicable before the goods can be delivered.

Choices of Mode of Transport

We will use a courier for smaller parcels, airfreight for larger, time-sensitive cargo, and sea freight for large or non-urgent cargo.

Road freight will be used nationally only.

Delivery Address

Delivery can only be made to a physical address. No PO Boxes or postal addresses.

Delivery Timelines

  • Courier: 5 to 7 working days
  • Airfreight: 10 to 14 Days
  • Sea freight: Approximately 6 weeks

Approximate timelines from collection from suppliers  and pending customs clearance.