The layered effect: Mixing African artefacts into your product assortment

Time-worn, textured artefacts bring softness and soul to contemporary living spaces. These handcrafted objects tell stories of distant lands and times past – something Lara Tatley of Togu’na knows well.


Perfectly imperfect

Wonki Ware’s handmade ceramics have found broad commercial appeal with customers all over the world, setting a new benchmark for hand-crafted, commercially viable product development. We asked founder Di Marshall how she developed Wonki Ware into an internationally recognised brand.




From Rural Swaziland to The World

In the first of a new series profiling our suppliers, we introduce you to Gone Rural – an inspirational success story combining traditional craft and contemporary design to create globally sought after homeware that uplifts rural communities in Africa.

2019.02.27 | THE STORY

Hand Woven

From rural plains to bustling cities, people are brought together by an ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation. African Basketry is a craft that weaves communities together, as they create pieces that are imbued with practical and decorative value. 



2018.07.16 | THE STORY

Eco-Conscious Design

"The felting process is magical. You can mould wool into any form." Find out about Ronel Jordaan's collaboration on an amazing project with internationally acclaimed designer Porky Hefer.

2018.06.28 | The Story

Meet the Pioneers

In recognition of their ongoing contribution to the African design and craft industry, Source founders Trevyn and Julian McGowan appear on the cover of Business of Home’s current ‘International Issue’.



2017.11.05 | The Story

Ngwenya Glass

In the African Kingdom of Swaziland is a mountain that resembles a basking crocodile. At the foot of the mountain is the village of Ngwenya – the Swazi word for crocodile – home to Ngwenya Glass. The scene from the balcony above the furnaces is a compelling sight.

2017.11.05 | The Story

Wonki Ware

Wonki Ware its lightweight yet durable, microwave and dishwasher safe quality. The slow-craft, human-touch approach to production ­­means that each Wonki Ware piece passes through 18 pairs of hands from clay mixing, rolling, shaping, sun drying, firing, decorating, waxing, glazing to quality checking.



2017.11.05 | The Design Destination

Singita Sweni

Source is passionate about the evolution of African design. Given the continent’s cultural wealth, unique narratives and incredible natural beauty, it’s no surprise that it is fast becoming the new design frontier.