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From rural plains to bustling cities, people are brought together by an ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation. African Basketry is a craft that weaves communities together, as they create pieces that are imbued with practical and decorative value. 

Techniques and methods of production are as rich and abundant as the diverse cultures that make up the continent, and an informed eye can trace the origin of a basket from its weave, patterning and composition. Like any art medium, basketry is highly versatile and recent creative developments have seen new techniques and materials being integrated into the artistic language of the craft. Utilising recyclable materials, exploring varied colors and forms, working at grander scales are just some of the new directions allowing artists to interpret moving trends while working with authentic processes. This evolution is creating pieces that have intrinsic worth and significant impact in the contemporary design world. 

By supporting African Basketry, you are invited to join a movement bringing authentic craft to the world, honoring and preserving traditional craftmanship and uplifting communities in a truly meaningful and profound way.